So i made this vlog a couple weeks ago, and only now got it updated. 

A few hours after this someone was mad at me, took some wood and smashed my taillights out of my car. People at my work pitched together and paid for the repair, which cost less than $200 cause of being blessed with a great deal. 

Hope you enjoy:

Christmas is meant to be a joyous time of year. However for a lot of people who stay in our shelter, Christmas is the hardest day of the year. Christmas is meant to be a time for family, a time for sharing and a time for people to celebrate the birth of Christ. For many people it is a time of memories past, or Christmases that were horrible, families that were broken a lot longer than they were ever together. It is hard to be a joyful person, when all you can see is negativity and hurt.

At the shelter we try to make Christmas not so hard on people. We have presents Christmas morning, dinner, snacks, and lots of families coming through to volunteer. Our guests love having families stop in at the shelter, they really love getting to see and interact with children.

Tonight at the shelter we took some time for our guests to fill out Christmas cards for friends and families. If their families do not live in the city then we will mail them for each person. We had around 20 people join us this evening to fill out Christmas cards for people they care about.

Some people were hesitant to join in, because of not having anyone to send a card to. I saw people making cards for their moms, friends, sisters and significant others, I even had someone make me a card from scratch.

You never really know how a evening like this will play out, but I believe it went very well. After we were done someone came to me and thanked me for doing the session. I said that I thought it was important for people to take time and think of loved ones they do not connect with regularly. He agreed that it is important for our guests to take the time to do so.

I even had someone who never comes to our classes come and help me facilitate it, by helping anyone who needed help with spelling, writing and ideas. I brought out my phone and played Christmas music, It was a lot of fun, people made cards for those sitting right beside them, they were joking as they went, and took a few moments to connect with their families and friends,something that a lot of us take for granted.

Next time you are enjoying some fun with your friends or family members, take it in, remember what everyone is doing, where you are, what the date is, who is involved, and what you want to remember most about the time. A lot of people who come to the shelter regret not doing more of just that. Take the time, remember and enjoy.

Merry Christmas